Facebook changes. Again.

12 Aug

Just this past week, a friend called me and asked a question about Facebook. I responded with quick directions on where exactly to find the information he was looking for within Facebook. He quickly informed me that it had moved. My response, “Oh, Zuckerberg went and changed it up again!”

Although many people quickly get frustrated with Facebook’s changes and additions, I need to point out that there are few complaints about what is “missing” on Facebook. Yes, there is a list (community aggregated calendar, further expansions of options for pages, etc.), but Facebook is doing a great job moving forward and not being stagnant.

Facebook only announces major changes, and others just simply appear. Although I read many social media blogs and tech websites, some of these changes get missed.

Facebook has started to roll out some improvements for their Pages (non-personal profiles) that can help out the business owner or social media manager of an organization.

1. Admin Roles

Since Facebook separated Personal Profiles and Pages, you have been able to add people as administrators to your Page.  This is easily done, either by typing their name if you are friends with them, or entering their email address. The improvement is assigning different roles to these admins.

Managers can access everything. This is a good setting for the owner of the company or key driver of your page. It is the default setting for every admin.

The only limitation for Content Creators is they cannot modify or manage admin roles. Moderators are not allowed to edit the page or create posts as the page.

Advertisers may only create ads and view insights. Last, but not least, an Insights Analyst can only view the analytics (called insights) for the page.

Being able to assign roles to different admins is great. It allows the Manger or owner of the page to invite a consultant, intern, or other staff access to take on some of page responsibilities without fear of someone doing more than the manager wants. When a new admin is added, or for admins that were previously established, the default role is Manager.

Roles are easy to alter by selecting “Edit Page” from the upper right corner of your Page’s Facebook Timeline, and then selecting “Admin Roles” from the drop down menu. You will be brought to a screen that shows all of your admins and their different roles.

2. Deals

Deals are still in their Beta phase, so it is not yet available to all businesses. If Facebook decides to launch it through out the site, keep your eye out for it.  A Facebook Deal allows you to offer something special for your customers that use Facebook to check-in to your business.

For example, you visit one of our great restaurants for lunch. You launch your Facebook app from your phone and select the “check-in” option, perhaps adding a picture and tagging the other people you are eating with. If that restaurant has set up a Deal, the visitor will be able to see this on their phone when they go to check-in.

There are four types of deals:

Individual Deal

This is a good option for a one-time deal that you can offer to both new and existing customers. You can do a dollar or percentage off, or even a gift with purchase.

Loyalty Deal

Tried of punching holes in cards? Use a check-in loyalty deal! This would work for the customers that are already loyal to you, but also encourage new customers to return. You can create a deal that can be claimed after no fewer than two check-ins, but no more than twenty.

Friend Deals

These deals allow you to offer a group discount to up to eight people. This allows your customers to introduce what they love about your business to their friends and family.

Charity Deals

This deal triggers a donation to be made to the charity of your choice each time someone claims your deal. You are required to manage the donation process.

You are able to limit the run dates of each deal and how many may be claimed. When someone claims your deal, it will also post to their wall and their friends’ newsfeeds, spreading your reach virally.

It is important to note that Facebook Deals are in Beta testing. This means that the types of deals, price, and availability may change. Not all Pages have access to be able to offer these deals right now, but if you are part of the testing, I urge you to take advantage of them. If your business does not have a physical location, these deals will not work for you.

For more information about Deals and to see if your Business can offer them, select Manage Permissions from your Edit Page drop-down menu. Then, look for the Deal option in the menu on the left hand side of the page.

3. Pages App

If you have an iPhone and you manage a Page on Facebook, you need this app. It is free in the app store, and allows more flexibility than your Facebook app. It only came out 2 months ago, and I believe this is why it is still exclusively on the iPhone.

The Pages App allows you to access your Pages messages, photos, settings, admins, and, most importantly, your insights.

Insights are your analytics, or how you can see how well your posts and information is doing on Facebook.  You can also view data for individual posts, which allows you to see how many people you are reaching with each post.

I could not find any information as to whether there is a plan to release the app for other phones (mainly, Android), but I would hope that it is what is coming next.

Be aware that Facebook is on the move. They like to shake it up and be dynamic. If they didn’t, they would still only be catering to college students.

This column originally appeared in the July 23, 2012 issue of the Rutland Herald.

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One response to “Facebook changes. Again.

  1. Anton English - Internet Marketing

    August 13, 2012 at 3:07 am

    this is a great idea, and will surely reward the companies that have been open enough to get on facebook early. The other brands will be stuck trying to get it all setup and going all at once


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