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acts of kindness vs. acts of stupidity.

I was more than frustrated this past week when I walked out to my car to go to work and found my husband’s car broken into…again.

Car Break In.

We lived together in Long Island after I graduated college and not once were our cars touched. Since moving back to Rutland almost 5 years ago, our cars have been broken into 3 times. What is the most frustrating thing about this is there is still so much fall out from Irene still and people have the audacity to do stupid acts like this. It is very inconvenient and annoying. I have paid for 3 new car windows in the past 5 months. Yes, we have glass insurance. But paying the deductable every time frankly just sucks.


Yes, I am using this blog as a way to vent, essentially. Has anyone else come across people’s bad nature since Irene? I am astonished that people can be so greedy and selfish.


Thanks for listening to me vent!

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